2019,  Músicas

Música Autoral: Owl

Composição: Isadora Mello, 2019

Publicado no Youtube: 30 de junho de 2019


You made me hide all of your secrets and played me like a doll
You were afraid that I would disappear and never come back at all
You were such a fool that you believed that I would break promises
You thought that I would ruin your life

This time I won’t make the same mistakes
So I’ll just say and show

But I’m nothing like you
I don’t hide
I don’t run, I don’t hide, I don’t lie, I don’t disguise
I show what I want, I show what I am, I show what I want to show

You thought I would ruin your way, your life
You thought I wouldn’t do wherever was true whatever was right

But I am not like you, I don’t make the same mistakes you usually make
I am not nothing like you and the way you are filling with lies

I cannot lie no no no (x2)
I cannot lie lie lie – I cannot lie lie lie
I cannot lie like you usually do

Your fake words will go(go) over you(you) body and your soul
You are ready to make the promises you are ready to let it go

You are not afraid of hiding deeper you are not afraid of running wild
You are not afraid of making promises and then don’t turning them on right

But I’m nothing like you
I’m nothing like you

I don’t repeat your ways of living,
I don’t live an eternal lie,
I don’t hide my own feelings
I won’t fake what is not alive

You (x2)
I’m nothing like you (x2)

You are full of hiding yourself from me

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